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Motorcycle Windshield Refinishing – How to do it yourself?

Are there advantages of a windshield on your motorcycle? Only serious motorcycle riders would know how a motorcycle’s windshield will help them have a better ride with their motorcycle.


Each motorcycle has a windshield fitted to its size and specification which helps rider maintain a clear view of the road and make their ride more comfortable and safe. Professional rider even rely on this installation for better performance on the road.


This makes the windshield an important part of every motorcycle. It is also an exposed part of the machine much like any vehicle which means it can get hit by a careening stone causing damage that could compromise its function.


Minor damages on your motorcycle’s windshield can be dangerous even for seasoned riders.These small damages can be done by some refinishing work on the glass to remove scratches or marks.


Small tasks like these can be done by the motorcycle owner himself. The easiest way to do it is by polishing the windshield. Shallow scratches and intrusive debris can be removed to make the glass look new.


Polishing kits are an effective way to remove these scratches. It contains a polishing chemical that can effectively smooth out uneven and damaged surfaces on glass materials just like on a motorcycle’s windshield.


Not all polishing kits can be effective in making your motorcycle’s windshield looking brand new for long. You have to find one which comes from a trusted manufacturer that can consistently do its job and keep your windshield looking scratch-free and mark-free.


When going DIY with your windshield repair, you have to have the right materials when doing the task. This ensures that you fix the damage and clean up any debris that comes after it. You’ll need cleaning materials, polishing materials, and your polishing compound to do the job.


  1. You have to first wash your windshield using soap and water.
  2. Wipe the windshield and wait for it to completely dry up.
  3. Get some polishing compound to apply on the damaged part of the windshield. Use a generous amount to cover all scratches and marks on the glass.
  4. After the application of the chemical, the buffer should be used to clean up the excess chemical on the glass. An electric buffer would be better to be able to get a more polished finish on your windshield.
  5. Use the soap and water again to clean the newly-polished windshield to get a squeaky clean look.


These are simple steps to do a refinish your windshield on your own. However, if you think your windshield requires professional help because the damage is too big you should hire a professional to fix it.


Cases like these usually involve a crack or scratch that has grown to spidering across the entire glass. It either needs windshield repair or a full replacement of your motorcycle’s windshield. Inspect your windshield thoroughly to know if you can just go DIY or not.

Motorcycle Buyer’s Guide

If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, then you’ve made the correct decision. There are a lot of uses for a motorcycle, from easy traffic navigation to easy parking, a motorcycle is your one stop go. However, with a lot of motorcycle brands to choose from, it can be difficult to choose what motorcycle to get. Therefore, we’re here to help you choose your first motorcycle. Let’s start.

One normal oversight among newbies is to buy a bike with significantly more performance than they can deal with. Stay far from crotch rockets, particularly anything with an engine bigger than 600cc; when you figure out how to ride on a slower bike, you’ll improve as a rider in light of it. Additionally, after you’ve sharpened your aptitudes and picked up experience, you’ll be prepared to upgrade and genuinely admire a speedier bike.

What will be your bike for? Will you be riding in heaps of traffic or travel in long distances? Motorcycles come in numerous shapes and sizes, and you must consider your individual needs when picking a bike. Consider how you’ll be utilizing your bike, and how riding it will affect your experience; for case, in case you’re searching for a weekend hobby, you may be more tolerant of an attractive bike that happens to be uncomfortable. Perceiving your needs will make picking your future bike turn out to be boundlessly less demanding.

Consider the maintenance too. This is the place things can pile up. Cars go a ton longer between services interims, also things like tire, spark plug, and belt substitution. Tires can be particularly extravagant on motorcycles, running in the middle of $400 and $600 for a set. Also, contingent upon how hard you ride, you may need to change in any event the back tire every time you hit 3,000 miles or somewhere in the vicinity. Chains and drive belts need periodic supplanting, and those can cost in the middle of $140 and $250. Support interims can run anyplace somewhere around 5,000 and 20,000 miles, contingent upon the cruiser, yet in the event that there’s a valve modification included, hope to pay any place in the middle of $800 and $1,500. Include general oil changes, chain support, and different incidentals and, in the event that you ride frequently, you can hope to drop at any rate $1,000 every year just on upkeep.

Riding a motorcycle is unquestionably fun. However, it can be deadly if done recklessly. Subsequently, before you significantly consider purchasing any sort of motorcycle, evaluate your skills and abilities. In case you’re a complete newbie, you have to figure out how to ride a motorcycle. In the event that you’ve been far from motorcycling for some time, you ought to take a refresher course acheter cialis sur internet. Also, in the event that you don’t have a motorcycle permit yet, you’re going to need one to ride legitimately. The best game plan is to go to a riding school.