Welcome to Suzuki Parts! For all things Suzuki! My name is Johnson Meyer and I am a Suzuki enthusiast, collector and lover. I am currently residing here at OH and I’m with my family here. I currently run a small motorcycle shop and when I have a free time, I write blog posts.

With my love for Suzuki products, I started a motorcycle shop and sold most available customizations, upgrades, parts and tools for a Suzuki motorcycle. As time goes by, I started to sell all sorts of motorcycle parts for all models, though I still specialize on Suzuki motors. I started to create a small business website to promote my motor shop, but because of my love for Suzuki, I’ve also started a website dedicated to Suzuki and this is the product.

If you’re also a Suzuki enthusiast, then you’ve found a good place! I’ll be writing more about Suzuki products in general. Some of the things that I’ll include will information about general troubleshooting that can be very imperative when you are suddenly in trouble in the middle of nowhere. I’ll also write about the tricks, tips and information about keeping your Suzuki motor in the best shape.

In addition to that, I might also post some personal blogs related to Suzuki and motorcycles in general. I will also add some precious resources for motorcycle and Suzuki enthusiasts like us. That’s all for now, I hope you’ll find my website useful for all things Suzuki. Have a nice day!